Verb, meaning to shine rays of 'awesomeness' upon an unwitting member of the public.
"dude, you just got Tuppered"
by Oscar :) April 30, 2008
Shortening of the word tulpa, used mainly by the 4chan and communities.
"I feel so lonely all the time..."
"Dude, just get a tupper, you won't feel that lonely anymore... it does take a lot of work, though."
by Peppermint Swirl ♆ December 21, 2017
Another word used to describe Tupperware. Term generally used by white trash.
Mother: "Where the hell am I gonna put the rest of this here tater salad?"

Son: "Stick it in a tupper."
by heidandseeeeek June 18, 2009
Noun: Tupper
1. A user of a game that thinks they know what they are doing.
2. A developer the feels they have the right the cause distress
3. An anime Girl

Verb: Tupper
1. To ban or suspend an individual based on their past actions away from them
2. To be a general cunt

Person 1: Dude they made this game 2D, that' so easy!
Person 2: Don't be a Tupper

Person 1: I'm gonna be a Tupper to this dude all day.
Person 2: But, you are Tupper?
by The_one_you_love September 5, 2019
a combination of the words top and upper, its used when you want to put emphasis on the location of an object

Jk Rowling: you see, on the tupper part of Hogwarts, Harry and Ron would constantly fuck.. going at it for days on end
by Dave Dave and more Dave March 18, 2019
(Noun) a person who brings tupper ware to a dinner party and takes food home or to their friends.
That tupper brought me so much food from Christmas dinner.
by Yingdom February 18, 2018
The act of storing food in tupperware containers.
On Cinco de Mayo, there was so much food leftover that Maria Tranez had to tupperize it for tomorrow.
by The(TranMan) May 6, 2016