Tupi is always the sarcastic friend. He is everywhere always and knows how to stress people out. He gets on everyone's nerves. A Tupi friend tries to be funny 24/7, but don't take his jokes personally. Although a Tupi guy can be irritating, deep deep deeeeeep inside, he has a big heart. You just need to find away to find it. Don't worry tho, he is a loyal man.
"Oh my, Victor is such a Tupi!" "I know, comedian wannabe"
by Marcelita otxilac March 11, 2020
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A certified beauty, a great guy overall and most importantly respects woman, the ladies go crazy for him, kind of an asshole sometimes but he still learning how to be a better person
"Hey do you know tupy ? I wanna fuck him so bad "
" Omg!!! You know tupy too ? I love him "
by tupywiththebigP December 14, 2017
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Tupi is a person that act as a stupid or say silly things.
It also can be an attitude, a way of life.
What the hell are you doing tupi?
My friend Toto is a damn tupi.
Hey! Take a look at that tupi...
Holy shit, why didn´t you fuck her? you are a fucking tupi, bitch!
by Josde October 10, 2006
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Meaning yes, yeah, or yup.
Wow that was cool.”
by Heyyyy kiddos May 01, 2018
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