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The ones who really piss you off for knowing every single blog/post on there.
Friend one: Oh look at this new meme, it's about Trace Cyrus!
Friend two: Uhhhh bro. Seen it, re-blogged, and followed the blog.
Friend one: You are SUCH a Tumblr snob. :||
by Lurking your Internetz. August 21, 2009
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The people on tumblr who think that just because they have a lot of followers it means they run that shit, freak out about it being mentioned outside of the website, or think that posting a gif you didn't make but don't to be yours is a federal crime.
Random Post: Isn't he adorable? (insert gif of Rupert Grint)

Tumblr Snob: OMG! You are such a horrible person. You didn't even make that! And just because you don't claim to it doesn't make it any better!
by Fed-up With Dumb Bitches September 12, 2011
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-when a user doesn't "like" or "reblog" any other posts but their own.

-when they piss & moan & become so engrossed about what other users post on their blog.
{seriously, what the fuck does it matter?}

-when they actually have the fucking audacity to create this bullshit called "unfollow friday," because some users post the same things as they did, & they want all of the notes & followers to themselves.
{selfish, self - righteous fucktard.}
Tumblr snob - "My “Unfollow Friday” goes to all the blogs without creativity, that has no personality, that post gifs that others made, that copy layouts from others blogs, for who isn’t ashamed to post the exact same images posted by others, the same photosets…


{yes, believe it or not, this is a very real post word for word.}
by missus hetfield April 03, 2012
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