The day of the week when most people live their entire lives.
You can tell when you're in traffic that most of the people in front of you have no destination where they want to arrive before next Tuesday.
by Downstrike October 17, 2004
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Only on Tuesdays some scary people get to do gay things, stalk people, nut and do other gay things. Be careful to survive Tuesdays because anything can happen.
Be careful Cole it’s Tuesday and you know how Logan is on Tuesdays!
by Loli Police Jad May 22, 2019
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Tuesday is the worst day in the world.
Useually a school day where everything goes wrong.
There is a holiday directly after the last tuesday of the school year called: Day-After-Tuesday-Day.
A: I have fellen down stairs, failed a test, made a fool of myself and was stabbed by a pencil.
B: Must be Tuesday.
by Joseph Pfister October 22, 2005
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The day that you eat orphans and beat your wife.
Horacio: Excuse me sir, but you came in earlier today and now an orphan is missing, do you know anything about this?
Francis: Well you can’t blame me, it’s Tuesday I was hungee.
Horacio: What the fuck does that imply?
Francis: I Monched orphan.
by BruhBruhPepperoni September 11, 2019
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The worst day of the week. It's the worst day because Monday sucks, but Tuesday is like Monday again. Since it's the worst day of the week it's the only day you can kill someone and get away with it. Tuesday is a day of anarchy.
I'm going to kill you next Tuesday.
by Tuesday_Sckus Loochs May 15, 2007
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Arguably the best day of the entire week!

Sundays: Suck, the most boring day of the week, there is nothing EVER on T.V. and you are always stressing out for monday and the rest of the week.

Mondays: Are horribly boring. Your all drined out from the weekend and lazy Sunday. The worst day of the week.

Wednesdays: The middle day. Eh.

Thursdays: The friday before friday except without all the fun.

Friday: Planning your weekend, getting friends together, calling bitches, all a huge hassle.

Saturday: When the best parties are held

TUESDAY: The greatest day of the week. Were the most random and fun bullshit happens. It could be the same ting you do on saturdays but during the week everything seem so much funner.

Also a reference of total randomness.

Guy 1: Dude I just had a threesom yesterday.

Guy 2: On a Tuesday?

Guy 1: Fuck yeah bro! High five!

Ex 2:

Guy 1: Would you ever drive a zamboni naked down the highway at 32 degrees singing the waffle song?

Guy 2: Hmmm only on a Tuesday.
by County April 10, 2009
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A general purpose insult. Last element of the acronym "See (C) You (U) Next (N)" and the word in question, and useful in situations where cursing is inappropriate.
Person 1 - "That guy over there took my parking space!"
Person 2 - "What a tuesday."
by Handsome B. Wonderful April 22, 2004
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