South African. Shortened from the Afrikaans "voetsek" which is used similarly as the American English "scram". It is usually used to chase away a stray animal, and adds a level of disrespect when used on another person. Can also be used as a playful term of incredulous dismissal similar to the American slang "get outta here". More commonly used in Western Cape slang and coloured communities.
"Tsek jou naai!" (Scram fucker)


"I hear this round is on you"
by munky82 June 28, 2016
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South African slang. Shortened version of Voetsek. The literal translation is "go away", however it holds the same weight as "fuck off!".

Not used politely.
"Tsek! Come any closer and I'll moer you so hard your ancestors will feel it!"
by Spiggerish March 29, 2019
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