A profession that turns normal people into whiskey drinking, swearing, paranoid, disheartened curmudgeons with no hope for the future of computers or humanity.
Hi, I work in Infosec. Please pass the whiskey. No, I won't fix your computer.
by mzbat November 9, 2015
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Shorted for Information Security, used by elite Security Researchers as a form of symbolism, often these elitist, will use this word within a tweet to broadcast to a collective audience. Use this with precaution, as it may offend some of these professional elitists.
I just found a vulnerability within the JSC (JavaScript Core) Framework, An exploitation developer using NANO can leverage this vulnerability to gain Remote Code Execution from a browser. #infosec #exploit #bugs #browser
by nan0g0d November 1, 2019
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A male infosec worker with the stereotypical persona. Neck beard. Dad trainers. Overweight. Typical 30-45 years of age. Unwashed. Usually sporting a brown T-shirt with a print.
Let’s head to steelcon to be talked down to by all of the infosec males
by ncc-cheats March 23, 2023
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