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one of who's a wanna be flower child all "Let's save the earth" and shit but they don't know the first thing about living off the Earth and are well off (Financially)
Trust Fund Hippie Girl- Wears a headband made of cloth, wears sun dresses everywhere, tries to tell you she's into Psychedelics and 60's music but can't name the one drug combination to go with a Jimi Hendrix song. Nor does she know a lyric of Jimi Hendrix

Trust Fund Hippie Guys- Who dress like a cross between Kurt Cobain and a farmer from South Dakota and drive fucking Mercedes, BMW's, and any other European made expensive car
by Mr. Nigga Witta Attitude May 21, 2010
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Mercedes + faux "green" philosophy + carbon belching vacations +
visting the parents at their colonial mansion + expensive, top of the
line REI / Patagonia + Uptight, holier-than-thou attitude on all
subjects, including ones in which others have greater expertise + Long
stints in college possibly leading to decent semi-academic career
although still one that is disappointing to one's parents OR just follow Phish and disappoint one's parents +
+ rowing team/ultimate frisbee/"outdoors"/longboarding/surfing, etc. + boarding school + the "king" stoner of the boarding
school + no "rules" for one's own kids/dogs/other hippie buddies because that's "too oppressive" + plenty of judgment and "rules" for other
kids/dogs/people = trust fund hippie
Dude, you drive a Mercedes SUV identical to your folks'! You are a Trust Fund Hippie! Just admit it!
by wadeus March 23, 2009
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"Rich hippies"
Mostly found attending The University of Colorado Boulder, youths who are classified as hippies yet have extremely large amounts of money. They smoke weed, sport tie dye, and express ideas of world peace and love while living in exceptional homes and dining on organic caviar etc.
Only a trust fund hippie would light up to Bob Marley in his beamer.
by Colorado Spirit January 29, 2012
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