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Mercedes + faux "green" philosophy + carbon belching vacations +
visting the parents at their colonial mansion + expensive, top of the
line REI / Patagonia + Uptight, holier-than-thou attitude on all
subjects, including ones in which others have greater expertise + Long
stints in college possibly leading to decent semi-academic career
although still one that is disappointing to one's parents OR just follow Phish and disappoint one's parents +
+ rowing team/ultimate frisbee/"outdoors"/longboarding/surfing, etc. + boarding school + the "king" stoner of the boarding
school + no "rules" for one's own kids/dogs/other hippie buddies because that's "too oppressive" + plenty of judgment and "rules" for other
kids/dogs/people = trust fund hippie
Dude, you drive a Mercedes SUV identical to your folks'! You are a Trust Fund Hippie! Just admit it!
by wadeus March 23, 2009

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