Rich person who gets away with everything by using money
Yo trust fund kid don't be such a jumin Han
by That one tomato August 21, 2017
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a rich child whose parents put money in a trust for their child to use as they please


an orphan of rich parents/grandparents/relatives and is now living off a trust until they're of age or until they get off their butt to work for money
Sheila is a trust fund kid whose parents enter $2000 a month into her fund but can't use it until she's 21.
by JenJen November 12, 2003
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Spoiled young adult living an idle life on investments; the most envied creature on the planet and they know it. Usually very pretty in a childish way, with an air of pampered boredom. Maxed out on credit cards but doesn't care as these are covered every month by the private banker.
At 25, Emma, who does not work, has a luxurious apartment (all paid for), a string of desperate admirers, a personal assistant, and only 35,000 a month to live on.
by James William May 18, 2005
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Worthless pile of shit living off rich relatives...fucking up everything for the rest of us.
Drew is a piece of shit Trust Fund Kid who shouldn't even work here. He's just slowing us down.
by Sodomizer November 9, 2003
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