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Rallying cry of entitled, bigoted, misogynistic white males when faced with the prospect of actual informed political discourse.
When faced with facts, the office troll started spluttering "Trump U! Trump U!" as he was escorted to HR.
by JazzMeaner November 09, 2016
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oh my god look at that butt, her whale tail is showing so high!
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when you find out your parents / family voted for Donald Trump and you start to reflect on your past life decisions like when you were 8 and you contemplated leaving your house because your mum took your DSI. And you realise, you really should've left so you would go on a trumpus (leave forever) and you wouldn't have to feel disgusted when looking at your family coz they ruined the whole of america. :))
Me: omg Donal Trump has won
Mum: thats great, my vote counted
Me: Bye mum i'm going on a trumpus *leaves house for 4 years until another president is elected*
by AlexPalonious November 17, 2016
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