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The ridiculous emo-bangs that begin with a sweeping forward of hair from either behind the ear or at the back of the head. Typically accompanied by a white belt and $200 girl's pants. Easily identified by both the similarity in appearance to Donald Trump's famous comb-over, and the obsession most wearers of the style have with touching said bangs. Many hair salons give free lip-rings with the cut if you come in before noon.
His Trump Cut was so pronounced, that I felt not only compelled but justified in wrapping my fist up in it and twirling him around in the middle of the dancefloor - he was the lasso to my Modern Era Urban Cowboy! Yeeeeeehaw! Let's write some poetry!
by MrSalamander May 28, 2008
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The corny hairstyle Donald Trump wears... and has been wearing forever...
70 yr old dude - "Im so fly with the chicks with my new Trump Cut... they all over me... fo..kazizzle my spizzle wizzle"

65 yr old woman - "Oh baby you is one fine man! Jump on me baby! Hit me up with a little of that humpy humpy!"
by maXrUm December 12, 2004
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