The "Trump Curse" is a theory that anyone who says or does negative towards Donald Trump will be cursed with bad luck or negative karma.

Since his run for the Presidency documentation of the Trump Curse in action has been widespread, and has resulted in several memes showcasing it.

The origin of the Trump Curse is a mystery, but it is speculated that the mass hexes being carried out around the world are actually backfiring and hexing those who oppose Trump.
P1: Did you hear about the idiot who shot himself in the face while taking a selfie?

P2: Yeah, he was posting anti-Trump shit.

P1: It's the Trump Curse!
by fakenewsmerchant October 9, 2017
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When the future of those who had worked for or with the accidental US President of the United States—in condoning or defending his deception, disinformation, corruption, collusion, treason, or insurrection—looks like their unethical or evil actions would haunt or bedevil them for the rest of their lives and those of their loved ones.
Guesstimate how many people are under the Trump curse as a result of their ungodly affiliation or association with the Pharisee-in-Chief, unless they admit and repent of their wrongdoings for propagating or supporting the lies and misdeeds of the ex-president to advance their self-interests.
by MathPlus July 5, 2021
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