stating the obvious, or being captain obvious. Truisms do not increase understanding, they only enforce stupidity.
Examples of Truism

uneducated nigger.
cheap jew.
smelly arab.
drunk indian.
by Dr. Franklin Jenkins Smitty February 02, 2010
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A word that dads use when trying to sound cool and hip
You don't have to enjoy salad...but it IS good for. Whether you like it or not, its a truism.
by Smokedmeattreat June 06, 2017
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(1) Blog posts that re-state the mind numbingly obvious as if it were original and insightful.

(2) Blog posts that rehash ideas within a given vein that have already circulated ad-nauseam, without adding significantly to them.

(3) Blog posts that put forward ideas so fluffy, feel-good or ambiguous that it is impossible to disagree with them, but they don't add value either.
Many personal development blogs are mostly a compilation of "wisdom" found on refrigerator magnets. We can all agree for instance, that "it's important to be yourself", except when it's more expedient not to be. This is truism blogging.
by Rickter Scale April 24, 2010
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Something that is in EXISTENCE FIRST but was suppose to be the SECOND in EXISTENCE as it's very formation was suppose to come from the SECOND that was suppose to be the FIRST that EXISTED .

Given this order only as this being a PARADOXICAL TRUISM as THE POINT came before THE POINTER and it can be said only the REASON is THE POINT EQUALS THE POINTER in that order only.

It follows if the REFLEXIVE RELATIONSHIP can only be violated when the PARADOXICAL TRUISM comes about by only the POINT AND POINTER EQUAL not vice versa.
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