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To thoroughly and completely screw your best friends over. Often repeatedly. Mind, body, and soul. You think someone is your friend? Done everything in the world to help this person out? Given them another chance time and time again? Then you've got yourself a Truesdale!

A very likable guy, hes easily the life of the party, and often seems like a good friend and good person. Until you put him in a position of trust and depend on him. Then he makes his move, screwing you over worse than you thought possible.
"Your such a Truesdale."

"You just got Truesdaled!"

"I never thought you'd end up being a Truesdale."

"Ive been friends with him longer than anyone. Helped tutor him, found him a job, lent him money, been there for him through his toughest times, and he's always been thankful, and made good on things in the past. I never in a million years thought he'd pull a Truesdale on me."
by Phoenix6669 May 12, 2010
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