A very expensive brand. All jean material and jeans bought by mostly African-Americans and partly foreigns. Usually to show off and show people that they bought a $500 pair of jeans. Wow! If you get caught wearing a fake pair you will get humiliated and put on instagram and twitter for wearing a replica. Detroit Niggas are known for wearing true religion jeans and the jacket.
Nigga 1: Damn, you got the white trues!?
Nigga 2: Hell yeah bruh with the retro Jordan 5's.

Nigga 1:True religion everything! Me and my squad boutta hit up the club later wanna come?
Nigga 2: Niggaaaa! Yeah!
by alysse pablo June 23, 2014
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Great jeans brand! Great fit. Mentioned in "My Humps" by the Black Eyed Peas.
"Seven jeans and True religion, I say no but they keep givin'" -Black Eyed Peas
by Julian EM April 24, 2006
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one of those people who come strapped head to toe with true religion, usually has Air Force 1’s, sells drugs or smokes on the regular...
-buzairi & mitch
Harris Dost and José Javier are true religion trappers.
by -the craig Mitchell April 14, 2019
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Expensive designer jeans that have a horse shoe like "U" stitched onto the back pockets.

Movie stars and rich people wear these jeans. They range from $175 to around $450. Nice jeans.
WOAH are those true religion jeans?

your damn right they are!
by killakiwi June 20, 2007
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Why Islam is the truth
Fulfilled prophecies in Qu'ran and Hadith
No contradictions in the Qu'ran
Scientific, historical, mathematical and linguistic miracles in the Qu'ran
"Assalamualaikum brother, I am so glad to be a follower of Islam."
"Me too brother, Wa'alaikumassalam. I am happy not to be of those led astray and those Allah is not pleased with."
"Yes, Alhamdulillah. Islam true religion."
by ImNotZenithLol April 07, 2021
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a guy who only rocks and wears true religion appeal. typically found in high school this guys spend time smoking, having sex and chilling. they only really go to school to chill and rarely ever to work
person 1: look at those true religion sponsors, why do girls even like them?
person 2: no clue.
by mannyb_b February 03, 2019
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1. Overpriced jeans for people who feel the need to flaunt their financial status.

2. Apparel made for people so wrapped up in their image they actually pay $400.00 to advertise for the company.
Girl 1: OH. MY. GOD. Katie! Are those true religion jeans?

Girl 2: You know it girlfriend.

Guy 1: You should have just given ME the $400.00. When I get fat my xbox will still work, when you get fat those jeans won't fit.
by GoHardGrover July 05, 2011
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