A term that describes a person's blind loyalty to a team individual, or product.
Man ,George thinks the teams Quarterback is one of the best in the league but statistically he's one of the worst. He's really, really, a true fan or a daft lemming.
by Tribal_Warfare December 20, 2011
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True Fan: a pretentious, often narcissistic fan who believes everyone should think and express the same viewpoints and opinions as themselves.

Also see: easily offended.
If you think our team might lose, then you are no *true fan*
True fans are always positive and have faith in their team, you're no *true fan*
by Bettafold_ September 24, 2019
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Someone who supports a person or idol in a phenomenal way. They are loyal through thick and thin and have their back no matter what. Nothing can shatter this persons love for their idol. They have a true underdstanding of this person and will support them no matter what happens.
I love Chris Brown. He is a true idol. No matter what happens i know he will never let me or the rest of his fans down. He tries his best for is and I am forever grateful for his talent. I am a true fan.
by highonbreezy January 27, 2015
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A true fan is someone (most commonly in sports) that actually like a team for every reason in the world (but not because their winning). Basically the opposite of bandwagons
What is you favorite team in the NBA?
Golden State Warriors!
Because their winning!
True fan:
What is your favorite team in the NBA?
Brooklyn Nets
Because im from Brooklyn.
Im not a bandwagon DUMBASS!
by Under12 February 25, 2018
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one that thinks they know everything about sonic the hedgehog and will fight people to make their opinion fact.
that person post in the web forum that that are a true sonic fan.
by Mr. True sonic fan December 20, 2017
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A Fan who loves all of Metallica's albums and songs. This fan, young or old, has stuck with the band through thick and thin. Even though people think that they sold out, they really didnt. Just changed up their music is all, all great bands do it.
Metallica hater: Im a metallica fan. But Metallica sold out after Load.
True Metallica fan: Youre not a true metallica fan.
by chizzythetwig July 25, 2011
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One who tailgates with chucky and godpop, catches his own fish, doesnt eat grouper sauce picante (whatever that is), has no idea how to operate a sailboat, has well-groomed hair (no ponytails) and doesn't cause the Tigers to lose games.

In other words, one not like LFM.
Godpop: Chucky, who is that at our tailgate over there?

Chucky: you mean the guy over there with the pony tail and sailing shoes on?

Godpop: yeah, that's him.

Chucky: that's LFM, not a true tiger fan...did I mention that he buys fish from a fish monger, eats grouper sauce picante AND eats muffs on french bread.

Godpop: Chucky, he must like to sword fight other guys...

Chucky: yeah, he asked me about eating some of our JAMbalaya, I told him i have no idea what he is talking about.

Godpop: That LFM isnt a true tiger fan.
by GeauxTigers September 5, 2007
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