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A "Trove of Bitches" refers to a group of overweight female homosapiens who roll together everywhere causing drama blocking cocks and snaring unsuspecting drunk males who would otherwise not give them the time of day.
MIA and her entire "Trove of Bitches" crashed the club with intentions of getting drunk for free and finding inhibriated men that would under no other circumstances have any contact with. Be warned men... when the trove is active-- stop drinking!
by The Real Smoker April 03, 2011
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A group of large female homosapiens that roll together everywhere, inhebreated and looking for drama. they will often be hunting for men who are wearing beer gogles and have absolutly no sense of comtment. so as not to feel ugly when the men chew their arms off inorder to get away. which gives them a good reason to bitch and talk shit about. all men in general.

in a trove they are generally un approchable ezcept by very brave yet desperate men. so they will often split up into grenades in order to catch a willing trick. hahahaha
be carefull guys.
example: MIA and her entire trove of bitches started a fight with some random hippy chick at the bar
by the real smoker March 25, 2011
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