It is a combination of "couple" and "triple" where the three individuals are in an equally inclusive relationship.
Tim, Pat and Lawrence all live together and share a california king while they enjoy being a "trouple."
by April from vancouverl January 3, 2011
A couple who has a friend that is always with them becomes a trouple. The third person has to be friends enough or have been hanging out with the couple long enough to not feel like a third wheel, thus becoming a trouple.
It was decided that Gary was part of a trouple when he went with Frank and Tracy to Las Vegas.
by Tracy076 May 4, 2008
When one person is openly dating someone that's openly dating someone else but they're not all dating each other equally.
We're a trouple- that's my boyfriend's boyfriend, Joey.
by CharityAprilL July 15, 2015
A three-way couple in a long term relationship
Mike, Rick and Steve have been together for six years. They're a trouple.
by chris January 17, 2004