A self-made man, but overly arrogant and full of himself, highly egotistical, unaware of anything that does not directly relate to him. Has a use-and-throw-away-policy regarding women. Primarily from the sunshine state, but they have been known to migrate.
"What an asshole, he's such a california king!"
by Crapper McGee January 23, 2004
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In this California king bed
We're 10,000 miles apart
I've been California wishing on these stars
For your heart on me
My California king
by Vasly May 10, 2011
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Its a song by Rhianna, It seems like the old Rhianna is coming back to certain people. Isn't as poppy on how recently she has been its more of a slow love dovey song.
One person: OMG! Have you heard that new song California King Bed?!
Two person: Yesss it reminds me of back in the days when I would listen to Unfaithful by Rhiannna.
by Jitterrrrss May 10, 2011
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