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Can be used in several ways ...

1) A trough donkey is a name given to a seemingly boisterous, over-weight, sweaty person (male or female) who is dancing like they are a Size 6 in a club, and just look absolutely ridiculous. It normally comes with a variety of other sentences, such as "rolling up to the trough, and click clock". These sentences help you communicate with people around you (without actually alerting the T.D) that there is a Trough Donkey nearby.

2) You can also call someone a trough donkey when they wear high heels a lot, and do so in completely unnecessary situations. E.g. Such as a being a trash collector, gardening, or driving a digger ... Yes there are people out there who do this. And in this situation, additional sentences can be used to highlight their T.D. behaviour, by saying: "click clock click clock". Once again this is to help you communicate with those around you, that there is a Trough Donkey nearby.

3) Some other abbreviated versions can be used (but are not restricted to) when you address people such as: Trough, Trough Donker Donk, T.D, or you can refer to someone who constantly displays blatant Trough Donkey behaviour as "trough donkey kong". This is highlighting to them in a subtle way, that they are the King of Trough Donkey behaviour, and this sort behaviour needs an intervention plan, such as: starting a douche payment jar immediately.
Def 1)

Guy1: "bro look at that trough donkey over there!"

Guy 2: "aw shit bro, watch her she's rolling up to the trough (dancefloor)"

Def 2)

Girl 1: "Daym girl, you seriously need to cut this click clock click clock shit out"

Girl 2: "why?! I look good"

Girl 1: "Giirrlll, aint nobody gonna be looking at some dam trough donkey, click clocking all over da place! You better sort your shit"

Def 3)

Girl 1: "Hey Trough! How ya doing?"

Guy1: "What'd you call me?"

Girl 1: "awwww nothing, mah fav wee Trough Donkey Kong, you want in on pizza?"

Guy1: "bro hand me that jar"

Guy2 **hands over douche payment jar**
by gypsymadonna January 17, 2013
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