1) An extremely beautiful, very young, model-like girl, who is so pretty she is considered a prize. Unfortunately, she is tricked by an older man to fall in love with him. He will tell her he loves her, cares about her, and will fill her head with false promises. He does not love her or care about her, although she truly believes he does and will do anything to keep him happy. He will use her for his own pleasures, wants, needs, and self-esteem. She is just his eye-candy and something to show off to his buddies. He will lose interest in her once he gets bored or once she begins to age.

2) A young, beautiful, playmate type woman who is extremely gorgeous and model-like. She dates older rich men for money and security. This couple could also be known as a Gold Digger and a Sugar Daddy. He wants somebody who will fill his wants, needs, pleasures, self-esteem, and have somebody to go out with. She just wants somebody to buy her whatever she wants, give her a nice place to live,and all the essentials. Neither of them love each other, but they do care about each other. They mainly just want what the other has to give. This type of Trophy Girlfriend usually becomes a Trophy Wife. She will only become a Trophy Wife after the woman the man truly loved leaves him because he messed around with the Trophy Girlfriend or the love of his life passes away.
1) The gorgeous, naive 18 year old became a Trophy Girlfriend after she fell in love with the 30 year old man who convinced her he loved her, when really he just cared about her looks and wanted her for her body.

2) The gorgeous, 19 year old playmate became a Trophy Girlfriend after she started dating the 70 year old billionaire.
by GorgeousVixen95 February 24, 2015
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A girl who has experienced it all in college, and realizes that the best mates are the one who has power, money, and status.

Before jobs and life, only thing that mattered to her was the physical world. How guys looked, how they talked, and how many friends he had. She has experienced him, but it was very short lived on where they were, and how much of they know of each other. In jobs, now all the people in power are different than she experienced before. No hot studs she was looking for there. Then she realizes that the best way to live her life to the fullest is to find a better man. Thus she looks for man who can take her to nice places, who has power, and of higher status than she. Because now she can learn from this man, benefit from this man, and eventually live with this man (see trophy wife). Different from trophy wife, the guys are viewed as slightly younger in this case. Successful man at young ages who can show girls alot of fun. Usually these are business man in busy streets or entrepreneurs of individual means. Most young women does not even dream type of man, but they blossom into maturity their fantasies change toward man with power and status. These man are chased, assuming none of them are anti-social, by women of all races, ages, color, and intelligence, and beauty. The beautiful women in this case has a hand over anyone else in the women industry, because their looks have tremendous value on society. The business man, at least once in their many decisions to choose one girlfriend, will have a trophy girlfriend, who is valued well in society for her physical beauty.
Hey, you heard about Jay's new trophy girlfriend? She's a supermodel that will make stretch marks on your pants. I would give anything to go back in time and known him better.

by vJJo October 13, 2008
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