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also known as Trizzy Traxx, this Canadian singer/producer has blurred the lines between hardcore screamo, pop, metal, club and urban music.

This long haired, makeup wearing, tattoo rocking rocker puts on a show to be seen. Singing, rapping, screaming, guitar solos, piano instrumentals are just a few of Trixx-n-Traxx's many variations.

"Yo! Did you see that Trixx-n-Traxx show last night? It was out of control!"
by Heather_Sexy December 14, 2009
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Born in Stoney Creek, Ontario, Trixx-n-Traxx's side project is Theta State. They are a screamo/pop band that released songs such as Try This and Mercy. Their music was so orignal that it was hard for them to tell people who they "sound like."

Trixx-n-Traxx's nickname is Trixx, Traxx, Trizzy, and Shade (because his last name is Shaida)

He is the most kick ass front man who ever graced a stage.

Listen and you will understand the versitlity of him.

His favourite band ever is Svartsot.
"Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope! It's Trixx-n-Traxx Kickin ass!"

"That might be totally kick ass, but not Trixx-n-Traxx kick ass."

Steve - "Man, I just got my ass kicked."

Joe - "By who, Trixx-n-Traxx?"

Steve - "No."

Joe - "Then I dont care."
by Amy_<3<3 January 04, 2010
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