A trivia night is a large group event, usually staged to benefit a charitable cause or organization.

During a trivia night, a master of ceremonies reads trivia questions split up into different categories or rounds. The questions are then answered by different groups of people in an audience. These groups, also known as "teams" or "tables," typically consist of six to 12 people who have paid an admission fee to participate. At the end of each round, a representative from each team turns in its answers to a panel of judges who then calculate the scores for each team. The teams compete against one another with the top two or three teams receiving prizes.

Trivia nights are held throughout the United States, but are particularly popular in the St. Louis, Missouri metropolitan area, where upwards of 30 trivia nights occur on any given weekend.
Hey, I'm getting together a table for trivia night - are you in?
by el_bob March 3, 2009
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To gather at a local bar or restaurant at least once a week to have fun, friendly competition and also binge food and drink specials while testing out one's random knowledge skills.
I thought I was intelligent until I went to Trivia Night last night with Emily and realized I know nothing.
by Last Call Trivia October 24, 2018
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