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When a guy, when he ejaculates, also defecates and vomits at the same time.
Tripling yourself, as discussed in Misfits...

Nathan: Just before I started my community service, I had an incident with this girl.

Laura: What kind of incident?

Nathan: Right... I picked her up in this dentists waiting room (she was having some sort of oral surgery). So we go out, few drinks, couple of kebabs, then it's straight back to her place to start with the shagging.

And I've built up a nice rhythm, and I'm getting really close to blowing my load, just hovering in the pleasure zone... and then BAM! All hell breaks loose. I tripled myself.


Laura: Sorry, I'm not familiar with that term.

Nathan: You know, tripling. It's when you cum, puke and shit yourself all at the same time.

Kelly: For Fucks Sake...

Nathan: Three bodily functions: doing the triple.
by B Gary December 17, 2010
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A slang term for when you cum, puke and shit yourself all at the same time.
Became widely used after a Misfits episode in which Nathan used the term.
It is GRIM.
A. I was pretty close to climax and I just tripled myself :/

B. I'm sorry I'm not familiar with the term.

A. you know, tripling yourself, when you cum shit and puke all at the same time...

by deadmou5e December 16, 2010
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