Triple Gold is mixture of 1/3 Bud Light, 1/3 Miller Light, and 1/3 Coors Light. It's known for being the drink of choice on hot days or at sporting events as it leaves behind no light beer after taste.
"Nothing would be more crisp and refreshing than a Triple Gold on the 4th of July."
by BeerHistory Prof March 26, 2009
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Triple Gold refers to triple stamped gold Dayton rims.
Jan was caught slipping at the light. They made that boy strip buck naked and break them off his triple golds, right then and there.
by Jan Cho October 28, 2020
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An attractive woman with dark hair, dark eyes, and dark nipples. Skin can be either pale or copper.

A double gold would be a girl with dark hair & eyes, but pink nipples.
"I'm a man that wants a triple gold, but double golds are great too."

Monica Bellucci would be a physical example.
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