Trinny is the most lovely human being you will ever come across. Beautiful inside and out, if you meet a Trinny then you are truly lucky. With her cringey yet super memorable jokes, this charismatic extroverted extrovert will always succeed in putting a smile on your face. An all rounder with class music taste, competitive nature and just an all round perfect personality to be completely honest. Sometimes a procrastinator yet does well in school, Trinny is a strong, determined woman who is worth waking up at the earliest of hours just to talk to. With her joyful personality, she makes a good team player and the best leader. She is most definitely the kindest and bestest friend you’ll ever meet.
Person 1: “Wow I think I just met an angel!!”
Person 2: “You met Trinny”
by HelloTherexxx November 24, 2021
A girl or boy that are socially inadequate, and/ or think they are gods gift when they are far from it.
That girl is such a Trinny!
by DavidGG1 August 2, 2007
Trinny is the most amazing human being. It is an honour to be around her joyous presence and loveable personality. What a spectacularly beautiful girl inside an out! You can listen to her talk all day long and never get bored. Trinny comes up with the best dad jokes that you will forever cherish. She does very well in school but regularly procrastinates. You and her will likely have a lot of inside jokes. Trinny is a reason to stay up all night or wake up very early. Trinny is the most amazing person in the entire world. You need to make her feel like the most special person because she is. Talking to Trinny will make you happier than anything else in the world.
"I love Trinny more than anything else in the entire world she is just incredible!”

Person 1-"Wow........I think I just saw an angel walk by.”
Person 2-"No, that was just Trinny"

Person 1-while typing** "What's a synonym for perfect?"

Person 2-"Trinny."
by HelloTherexxx November 23, 2021
Trinny is a beautiful girl who dresses nice and smells nice Trinny is a dream girlfriend once you have her don’t loose her
by Cute cute cut November 23, 2021
Hi Trinny you got your nails done? Nice honey!
by Broski (; July 16, 2020
A move that signals to the opposite sex that you are interested in copulating. It is specifically done by placing one hand on the floor, buttocks in air, and then gyrating buttocks in a up and down motion. Usually made by someone of samoian descent that is under 5'4 and has been drinking heavily.
That girl totally wants to hook up with Albert. They were out dancing together and she did a trinnie.
by Phone Girl July 11, 2008
Somebody from Trinidad.

Well known for having a 𝗩𝗘𝗥𝗬 short temper.

If you get in an argument with a Trinny, the best you can do is break even. You're not gonna win.

At least, not when the Trinny squares up, which is usually inevitable.
aassd: Yo that dude look like a Trinny, you sure you want to keep arguing with him?
fjska: Oh shit that's a mf TRINNY?! Help me make up an excuse to GTFO!
by mr_onomatopoeia November 8, 2022