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Triniti is a fun loving girl, has a perfect smile, great hair and cute dimples. She is smart, clever, and bout her shit. She can be friendly but can turn into a street bitch when shit get real. She has an amzeing body that bring niggas to their feet and flexxing on these hoes. Triniti can cook, draw, and sing. She can have a bad day but still looks gorgeous throughout the day. When in a relationship triniti treats her man like a king but is not afraid to stand up to him. Triniti is has many guy friends and usually is a funny, adorable and happy person. Triniti is a successful women and is always there to beat a bitch ass. Overall she is the perfect woman for any of u guys and can brighten up someone day with a joke or a smile.
by champcross21 January 10, 2017
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The most bestest friend you could ever ask for, amazing personality, but don't get on her bad side or she'll kick your ass!
Wow I wish I was Triniti
Go jet go!!!!! I love ya triniti
by Agb91212 December 13, 2016
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One of the most amazing girls in the world. If you put her on a list, you couldn't because there is no one comparable to her. She is beautiful in every shape of form. She has a thing for biting and hitting the people she love. Pure evil could almost describe her comments, if she didn't look so cute while saying them. Basically the only girl for me. My soulmate?
"See that Triniti girl?"
"She is the best."
by CazadorParker March 06, 2011
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Triniti won't turn down a roch, burning it until her figures are on fire. She has more patience then a kindergarten teacher but when that mom voice comes out you better run. Associating her with the smell of snicker doodle cookies and throws down so well you are unable to tell when eating her edibles. When you give her a few drinks laughing and dancing takes place all night long. . Triniti, she's that mom shoulder you can cry on but yet will out smoke Snoop Dogg. . Martha Stewart eat your heart out!
Damn those are Triniti cookies!
by Mmmboptothetop November 15, 2017
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Thinks that black cats being unlucky ain’t racist
She such a Triniti,she told me black cats unlucky
by OLDSCHOOL KILLER September 12, 2018
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Triniti will seem super nice and friendly at first and after a while you realize she is just out to get you! She is the meanest person I have ever met and their is no purpose or explanation for it! She if flat and a giant hoe... if you see a triniti RUN!
Hi Triniti!
Don’t talk to me! You have literally no neck!
by Turtle Pug December 02, 2018
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