Trillest comes from the word true+real, trill, trilla and treal. Meaning someone that always keeps it 100 at all times, stay true to oneself and stay real no matter what happens to the end. And, no matter what happens around in their life. They will be willing to live and die, Keeping it real to the people all around them in their lives. Something that is so pure, so real so deep to the nature that you can feel from a very strong experiences. A persons that keep it true and realist. A person that stay down trillest to the fullest.
1. My whole clique keeps it trillest to the fullest.
2. I get my shine on, I get my grind on.
3. I run with all real niggaz.
4. I keep it real even if it kills me.
5. Stay true to you and that way you can't never fall.
6. In God I believed and trust, because he keep it trillest to me at all times.
7. Trill niggaz don't die. We stay trillest and multiply.
8. I am II Trill.
by Trillest_king187 September 22, 2009
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dat dude gots to be one of the most trillest people that u will ever meet.
by trillestq July 9, 2009
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Trillest Entertainment is the global leader in digital media marketing. Anthony, the CEO is described as the plug of the plug. Having worked 10 years in the industry, Trillest ENT established itself as the most respected and trusted PR company in the world. They work with 10,000+ artists anually and have access to over 250+ major media outlets.

Trillest ENT is more than just a name, they consider all their artists like family.
my man Anthony over at Trillest Entertainment is the absolute plug of the plug, my music career wouldn't be where it is today without my PR team at Trillest ENT.
by letsbuild November 9, 2020
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The best and funniest youtube channel there is. Consisting of the greatest and funniest gamers of all time.
The Trillest Trio don't hate gays... but if some faggot ever tried to touch them...
by The Trillest Trio February 21, 2017
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"damn that Hailey is tha trillest of tha trill she aint scared to fuck up a bitch"
by ridetillidie May 27, 2009
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real, not going to fuck a niga over. but aint scared to start shit
some dude: DAYYYUUMMM Hailey is fuckin trillest of tha trill..

some other dude: Yea man i heard that she put some bitch in the hospital. she one bad bitch
by football_is_my_life May 29, 2009
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