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Doing a Triggerfinger. Orignates at radio station 3FM at a show called "Giel" by radiohost Giel Beelen in the Netherlands. In the show musicians play a cover of a song that is currently in the Dutch charts. At the 15th of January a band called Triggerfinger covered the song "I follow rivers" by Lykke Li. The cover made it to the first place in the dutch charts and stayed there for 6 weeks. Performing way better than the original song which only made it to the 2nd place.
Did you hear the cover by Muse? that was a real triggerfinger!
by SvdV October 26, 2012
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One's preffered finger for masturbating, (female).
Jill rocked her trigger finger back and forth until her little-man-in-the boat stood up.
by Sean + Ben the Warehouse Boys September 15, 2003
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-The act of shooting fast a semi-automatic gun

-Shooting fast a gun in videogames without using modded controllers
Kid 1: MrTriggerFinger shoots really fast, he must have a mod.
Kid 2: No he doesn't, he has a Trigger Finger.
Kid 1: Wow, idk that.
by Mr.TriggerFinger October 17, 2009
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The finger Gamers use to fire a weapon when playing video games (usually the index finger) such as call of duty, kill zone, battlefield bad company, etc.
Dude, my freaking trigger finger is hurting; I shouldn’t had played for more than 4 straight hours.
by ChejoAG June 26, 2010
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When a male or female places their trigger finger (right to the thumb) in a place of dark desire, otherwise known as the anus!
girl: where are your hands slipping?
guy: you know where!
girl: you're gonna do it aren't you Louie Bannister?
guy: do what girlfriend?
girl: give me the trigger finger!
guy: yes babycakes
girl: awww, baby that feels good, but mumma had a very heavy lunch.........
by BiffyBoy1 October 01, 2013
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Finger used primarily for puling the trigger of a gun. Usually, this finger is one's index finger. Through much practice the trigger finer can be used for several other things as well though.

1) Intense peace signs.

2) Intensely pointing at people.

3) Poking people in the face really hard.

4) Poking people in the nose really hard.

5) Directing traffic back and forward.

6) Fingering your girlfriend. (Guys)

7) Fingering yourself. (Girls.)

8) Fingering your girlfriend. (Lesbians)

9) Fingering yourself. (Shemales)

As you can see, your trigger finger can be a vital part to several functions in necessary to your normal daily functions.
"I pulled my trigger finger out on my girl and it was a sensational orgasm. I'll have to use it more often now. :)"
by Ready-Liver July 05, 2009
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