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Doing a Triggerfinger. Orignates at radio station 3FM at a show called "Giel" by radiohost Giel Beelen in the Netherlands. In the show musicians play a cover of a song that is currently in the Dutch charts. At the 15th of January a band called Triggerfinger covered the song "I follow rivers" by Lykke Li. The cover made it to the first place in the dutch charts and stayed there for 6 weeks. Performing way better than the original song which only made it to the 2nd place.
Did you hear the cover by Muse? that was a real triggerfinger!
by SvdV October 26, 2012
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-The act of shooting fast a semi-automatic gun

-Shooting fast a gun in videogames without using modded controllers
Kid 1: MrTriggerFinger shoots really fast, he must have a mod.
Kid 2: No he doesn't, he has a Trigger Finger.
Kid 1: Wow, idk that.
by Mr.TriggerFinger October 17, 2009
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One's preffered finger for masturbating, (female).
Jill rocked her trigger finger back and forth until her little-man-in-the boat stood up.
by Sean + Ben the Warehouse Boys September 15, 2003
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The finger Gamers use to fire a weapon when playing video games (usually the index finger) such as call of duty, kill zone, battlefield bad company, etc.
Dude, my freaking trigger finger is hurting; I shouldn’t had played for more than 4 straight hours.
by ChejoAG June 26, 2010
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When a male or female places their trigger finger (right to the thumb) in a place of dark desire, otherwise known as the anus!
girl: where are your hands slipping?
guy: you know where!
girl: you're gonna do it aren't you Louie Bannister?
guy: do what girlfriend?
girl: give me the trigger finger!
guy: yes babycakes
girl: awww, baby that feels good, but mumma had a very heavy lunch.........
by BiffyBoy1 October 01, 2013
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