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treyce is absolutely gorgeous!! He is always there for you, and you feel like you can tell him anything. Every girl is attracted to him in every way possible. He is very athletic, he is also a genius! He has so many friends, in fact.. There are too many to count! If you meet a Treyce, never let him go!!
i wish Treyce was my boyfriend!!:( :)
by Carley Poops May 25, 2017
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If you find a treyce hold on to him. He usually has a curly blonde Afro that when tames look like a squid. He thinks he is a baller but in reality his penis is small. He always acts gay and is generally attracted to johns, however brunettes with brown eyes will hold a special place in his heart forever. Treyces have an in credibly feminine side to them. And can sometimes be a dick. But on the whole Treyces are hilarious and great to have around*

*also pasty asshole
John: wow tht kid just grabbed my junk
Lauren: but he's hilarious though

Both: he must be a treyce
by Ballinlikeathug March 07, 2014
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