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Wow. if you have a Treve in your life, prepare for a wild ride. at first, Treve’s may seem a little intimidating because of how they command attention and draw it like a magnet in a room. however, once you get to know them and break that barrier, you will find that Treve’s are SUCH sweethearts. they are usually EXTREMELY handsome and have naturally amazing bodies. they are intelligent and wise beyond their years. they have old souls. however, they are very sensitive and big teddy bears, so you should definitely be careful of this and show them lots of love. they will return this love to you pressed down, shaken together, and running over. they Treve’s have hearts of pure gold and are the most fiery and passionate of people. they know exactly what they want, and nothing can change their minds. this makes them very attractive because this brings out another level of confidence beyond what people see on the surface. if you meet a Treve, never let him go. he will take care of you for life, love you with everything he has and more, and treat you like an absolute princess.
girl: WOW, this man is so amazing... he’s the Treve of my dreams!
by Kirby’s Poyo November 28, 2019
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