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The most amazing man to have come into a girls life. Who is very lucky to have someone like this in her life. He's the type of guy, if not the one, she wishes to marry and have children with and grow old with.
Trevar said " i love you more than the sun loves the sky, i love you like the seas love the morning breeze. When your near me, my heart knows no bound..Everytime you look at me it takes my breath away with those beautiful brown eyes of yours. It makes me think."
by iloveyoutrevar August 12, 2011
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Usually a big guy ,tall, big penis 4 of the trevars i no all have huge penises .
by Ashley P23 December 07, 2011
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Commonly mistaken for Trevor, the name Trevar however does not live up to its reputation. Although scientific studies have found men with the name Trevor have abnormally large penis's, the name Trevar contradicts that theory. Not only do 94.3% of all Trevar(s) have small penis's, they also suffer from sever distress and anxiety from being teased at a young age about their penis size. Often calling "Big Inch" or "Pencil dick". Jokes were made about the anatomically small size like saying "You've got less meat in your pants than a vegetarian restaurant ".

Trevar is also someone who can be referred to as a commitment phob, nincompoop with a mack-daddy complex.

However, the other 5.7% of Trevar(s) who do not suffer from penis (or lack there of) size, are often are great guys with splendid personalities.
"Anyone can have a bigger penis than Trevar"
by hatin247 August 12, 2011
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