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Trendus, derived from 'trendy', 'trendies'.

A trendus is someone who carefully cultivates an interest in literature, modern art and experimental music, and is often seen wearing fairtrade knitwear from Oxfam, skinny jeans, and thick-rimmed nerd glasses with no prescription.

A trendus will never admit to being a trendus. He believes that he is highly individual, but won't hesitate to point the finger at other trenduses (or trendii).

Trenduses may be found in huge numbers in the English Faculty of Oxford University, and at folk festivals, sipping gin out of Cliff Richard mugs.

Here are some typical trenduses in the wild:

Famous trenduses include: Simon Amstell, Yannis Philippakis, Sam Baylis.
"The idiots are self-regarding consumer slaves, oblivious to the paradox of their uniform individuality. They sculpt their hair to casual perfection, they wear their waist-bands below their balls, they babble into hand-held twit machines about that cool email of the woman being bummed by a wolf. Their cool friend made it. He's an idiot too. Welcome to the age of stupidity. Hail the rise of the... TRENDUS". - Nathan Barley, 2005
by Willass April 14, 2009
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Arty types with big hair, big glasses and big knitwear, often spotted channelling 80s haircuts and reading literary theory.

"See that trendus over there in the glasses?"
"The one listening to a cassette player?"

by G_Gooch April 15, 2009
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