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An awesome tree at UC Santa Cruz, above the College Nine buildings. It goes so high and is so easy to climb that people are always climbing to the top, where there is an amazing view of Santa Cruz and the bay. It's right up on a level with Cloud Nine...hence Tree Nine.
Yesterday we got stoned and climbed Tree Nine.
by Shuie November 06, 2005
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A legendary tree at UC Santa Cruz located above College Nine. The story goes something like this: There once was a young girl who had just turned nine years old. On her ninth birthday she took a walk in the woods that today lie at the top of the UCSC campus. Along her way she found an enormous pine tree that reached high above all the other trees around it. She was fascinated by the spiraling formation of the branches as her gaze moved up to the tippy top of the tree. Being the adventurous girl that she was, she decided to climb to the top. She got all the way to the top and was amazed at the beautiful sight. She could see all the way across the bay to Monteray. As this girl, on her ninth birthday, was descending Tree Nine, her foot took a fatal slip and she fell all the way to the bottom, hitting nine branches along the way. The impact of this great fall killed her, and it is said to this day that if one goes to Tree Nine, they can sometimes see her hiding in the spiraling branches.
If you believe in ghost stories, don't climb Tree Nine!
by zanny May 26, 2004
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