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A word used to explain a person who is overly obsessed with nature. They don't hug trees they fuck them. Usually they waste usable space to put in a tree.
Mark:: Did u see that new park in Malibu that every one though was going to be a mall!

Sally:: Well yes i did. It's the work of a Tree Hooker
by Kaity-is-Kool July 20, 2011
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Someone who is stupid and dumb, like a monkey, shows off their goodies, like a monkey in a tree and hooks for money by giving away their monkey parts.
I don't believe Heather was all over that guy and gave it up last night, she is such a treehooker!
by Toni K October 09, 2007
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A prostitute who can usually be found working in small forest or clearings. They are noticeable by bits of dirt and possibly leafs or sticks adhered to their back and may be accompanied by a sweaty john, generally shirtless, always with dirty knees. Their primal nature manifests in meth raged fits, or heroin induced sloth like states. May be prone to screaming, falling asleep in odd places, and presenting with oozing sores.
Had to ban another tree hooker from the store tonight, she tried to pay with dirty panties and threatened to shoot everyone when we wouldn't take soiled drawers as currency.
by The Future Resident May 25, 2016
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