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In the great MMO World of Warcraft, Tree bagging is the act of using the Druid's Tree Form and preforming a teabag to a friendly or enemy player while he or she is either laying down or dead.
"Ugh I am so mad at the Horde Druid for Tree bagging me last night".
by wowplaya123 September 26, 2008
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Like getting teabag'd but instead of a mans testicles getting inserted into your anal cavity you use a tree or part of a tree.
Damn son did you hear about that dude that got treebag'd? He got a tree shoved up his ass.
by Michael Lawlson February 17, 2009
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to teebag but with 3 people
P1:hey i see you teebaging my girl

can i join?
p2:hell no thats homo i dont treebag
by rudylol January 10, 2010
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