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The dopest organization ever at Torrey Pines High School.

Trash For Cash (T4C) is a non-profit program designed to raise money for local charities, as well as clean up the environment. Started in the summer of 2010, Trash for Cash has donated a significant amount of money to charity, while also promoting recycling and environmental awareness. The program was started by three friends with a common desire and determination to help their community. By literally turning “trash into cash”, the program gathers recyclable goods; recycles them; and donates the money to various local charities. Branching out to the student body of Torrey Pines High School, Trash For Cash has been extremely active and successful through sports events, community activities, fundraisers, and the distribution of Trash For Cash recycling bins. The program has experienced astounding growth, and aims to extend its influence outside of Torrey Pines, and into the surrounding community.
1. "T4C all day, erry day!"

2. Person 1: "Sup, man. You're looking pretty steezy in that fresh shirt. Where'd you get it?"
T4C Rep: "Trash For Cash, bro, all day, erry day!"

3. Hater: "Imma take all your free pizza at lunch and not actually do shit for your club."
T4C Rep: "Go fuck yourself, T4C has no time for haters."

4. "If you ever feel the need to make bank and make it rain, make it rain on charities through Trash for Cash. T4C. Yeee."
by KidGudi November 03, 2010
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When an artisan of some sort lowers his/her standards to cater to the asinine requests of a client.
Person one: "Holy crap, this is garbage. Trash for Cash?" Person two: "Yeah. I can't help it... I like having food and a bed."
by TheFailure July 12, 2010
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