The most notorious or well-known drug dealer commonly found in a shady area where drug deals are usually carried out.
A$AP Ferg is the trap lord, find him on 9th Ave. where he lurks.
by KeepIt1Hunna April 12, 2014
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The word for the local "Bacon" residing in Cape St. Claire, Maryland, claiming to be the ultimate trap lord.
You need weed? Call the trap lord, he's always carrying.
by BrittnyBarbie August 17, 2014
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The trap is a place where people go hard. Andrew is the lord of it
Andrew runs the trap, he is the trap lord. OR Lord of the Trap, first of his name.
by Frat Screen TV February 20, 2015
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The ruler of the party, controls everything that happens.
A: Look, he thinks he can boss everyone around
B: Shh, he's the Trap Lord he can do that
by BoiyBoiySammysmiththefirst March 25, 2016
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Often the chilliest plug and a caring person who won't every buy anything else but the best quality purple chronic. But cross her and she will send you to the dark oblivian of no return. Usually found in lots and rooms and is waiting peeps to come through to chill and have a fun Tuesday afternoon at the Subaru dealership buying that purple impreza she always wanted.
Wow trap lord purp that shit was medical
by Ranger January 19, 2017
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When you're watching porn and skip into it to fap and after you bust a nut you discover the girl was a trap.
"dude i had the worst Arizona trap lord experience yesterday"

"dude that sucks"
by promemerlmao December 09, 2016
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