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A breakbeat heard mostly (but not exclusively) in darker breeds of Drum'n'Bass/Jungle music; example Techstep. It is an offshoot of the "Amen" breakbeat though not as versatile in its ability to be chopped up, pitch shifted, tweaked and re-arranged. Originating in the track "Dj Trace - Sniper", the tramen's trademark characteristics are the high frequencies on all the hits (bass kick, snare etc.) sounding like distorted ride cymbals, metalic dings and crashes overlay all the drums.
The tramens in this tune are slicing through my eardrums!

Dj Trace - Sniper

Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch - Prejudice and Politics

+many more
by Elusive Dj September 26, 2006
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A drum-break from the Jungle track "Dj Trace - Sniper". It is also called the "Sniper" break, and is often confused with the "Firefight" break. The break is usually found in dark, hard Jungle/Drum n' Bass. The break is Dj Trace's variation of the "Amen" break, hence the name "Tramen".
DJ Trace - Sniper
Technical Itch - The Rukus
Concord Dawn - Take Me Away
Technical Itch - Turn Me Out
by Chase February 15, 2005
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