A Very handsome male that is humble, his confidence can come off as arrogance to few, but most can see through his tough exterior and find out that he is a heart warming, authentic, and humorous individual.
Girl 1: that Tramell, ugh he would be so much cuter if he didn’t act so cocky.

Girl 2 : let me tell you, Tramell is so freaking handsome , comes off really confident as well; I bet you he’s really shy though!
by Awakening2020 April 5, 2020
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Tramelle can sometimes think he better then everyone or thing noboddy can beat him well some times dats true and some times its not tramelle is fine attractive and a good friend to have he ia really good at sports like football basketball or track but tramelle has a bad temper sometimes wen he can't controll but at the end of the day he a good friend if a got a boy name tramelle and ur life dont lose him cause u gone wish u neva did
Tramelle is the best person u can every meet BUT a lil bragy but he is wonderful good at sports fine asf and is a good friend
by Tramelle November 6, 2018
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The cutest boy in the world. Adored by others. Other mothers get jealous of his mother because of his cuteness. He has the most beautiful mother in the world and his father is a piece of shit .
OMG I want to get me a tramel!
by Gigiop August 13, 2015
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A nut ass young bull that wanna be from everybody hood and gon fold when he pressured ...
by Tramell March 14, 2017
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The oversized "camel toe" created when a transfestite tucks their private between their legs.
I didn't know she was a dude, I just thought she was sporting a HUGE camel toe, not a tramel toe!
by Veritas Caput November 20, 2013
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