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Not paying for train tickets in protest of the fares rising above inflation.
by ODoggyT May 16, 2015
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A term used when using a subway and walking from one subway to another at arrival of a station. Common uses of train hopping are when your exit at the station is at a certain place and you want to as close to it as possible when the Subway comes to a stop at your station.
My station is coming up soon, I'm going to start train hopping.
by YoungKAirIn April 09, 2016
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Train Hopping is the act of standing in line at a party in order to gang rape a semi-conscious or unconscious woman.

References - In 2018 Brett Kavanaugh was questioned about (Train Hopping) by the Senate Judiciary Committee. While in High School and College Brett Kavanaugh was said to have attended parties where he engaged in (Boofing), (Train Hopping) and (Devils Triangles). Brett denied the claims, insisting that he was (Working Out) with his friends.
Brett, lets go to a party, (Boof), some girls and go (Train Hopping)!
by Rubee270 October 02, 2018
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