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When you find your self in crawling traffic, so you whip out a ballin' mixed CD and dance in your car, and other people start dancing and singing along with you in their respective cars.
The other day, Melanie was in a massive traffic jam, so she threw on Bohemian Rhapsody cranked it, and started rocking out, when she opened her eyes after some sweet air guitar, she noticed that three people in cars around her were Traffic Jamming with her, it made her day.
by udaddict August 23, 2009
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When you're stuck in traffic listening to the radio and you notice the car next to you listening to the same station. You both roll down your windows and start jamming.
I rolled up next to a guy in traffic today listening to the same song on the radio, so I rolled down the window and we started traffic jamming.
by chuckgregory February 24, 2010
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Driving at least 20 MPH under the speed limit causing a huge traffic jam, and when one of the cars tries to pass on the opposite side you speed up so they cant pass, and the jam continues.
Traffic Jamming: Driving on a one lane road driving 20 MPH when the speed limit is 45 MPH causing a TRAFFIC JAM 30 CARS LONG!!!
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