A relatively new free-to-play indie game that resembles the classic party game: Mafia. The rules are as follows- Each player is randomly assigned a role. At night, some roles kill other roles. The next day, the remaining roles try to figure out who the killers are and hang them. This continues for the rest of the round. The end result? Lots of trust issues.
Danny, Logan, and Preston all mentally prepared themselves for their next round of Town of Salem.
by Sapphiz April 5, 2015
Player1: 'TP/LO'
Player2: 'No problem.'
*The day after*
Player2 died. They were shot by a Veteran. Their role was Bodyguard.
That player's an idiot, calling TP/LO as Veteran, but I can't really rage about that because that's literally every player in Town of Salem
by DEMON!C November 25, 2020
A popular indie game that started out well and then morphed into the rest of the internet by being flooded with trolls and cancerous edgy teens trying to get a laugh from horrible sex jokes.
Town of Salem was a fun game now its a great game that supplies me with my daily dosage of salt and cancer
by Billy The Transgender Trans February 15, 2017
Also known as ToS, not to be mistaken with Terms of Service. A social deduction game. Mostly unknown to people that don't play it, it is inspired by similar party games such as mafia and werewolves. Anyone who compares it to Among Us deserves to be executed.
Person 1; "Hey, I'm going to play some Town of Salem this afternoon. Wanna join?"
Person 2; "Wasn't that that game that looked like Among Us?
Person 1; *Grabs revolver* "Alright then.. Night two... shooting 2."
by Violins are always the answer. October 13, 2021
A Social Deduction game that (similar to the group game mafia) has the goal of finding the killer. In late 2018 Town Of Salem had its server hacked and approx 7 million accounts were at risk of being stolen. Since Town Of Salem is available on Steam, people who bought it were at risk of losing their Steam account. It also was free until March of 2019 where Bot accounts swarmed the game and forced the creators to make it paid. Similar Social Deduction games are= Throne of Lies® The Online Game of Deceit, MINDNIGHT, Werewolf, Mafia Online
Person 1: "Did you hear of the new Town Of Salem update? They added 15 new roles!"
Person 2: "That was almost 3 years ago dude. Its paid DLC."
Person 1: "Oh."
by ThatHurt October 18, 2019