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A relatively new free-to-play indie game that resembles the classic party game: Mafia. The rules are as follows- Each player is randomly assigned a role. At night, some roles kill other roles. The next day, the remaining roles try to figure out who the killers are and hang them. This continues for the rest of the round. The end result? Lots of trust issues.
Danny, Logan, and Preston all mentally prepared themselves for their next round of Town of Salem.
by Sapphiz April 04, 2015
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A popular indie game that started out well and then morphed into the rest of the internet by being flooded with trolls and cancerous edgy teens trying to get a laugh from horrible sex jokes.
Town of Salem was a fun game now its a great game that supplies me with my daily dosage of salt and cancer
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by Billy The Transgender Trans February 15, 2017
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