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A term that is not looked up often, Throne of Lies, similar to Town Of Salem this is a social deduction game (see Town of Salem. In 2017 or 2016 the creators of the game started to panic that they were loosing players and started to put so much new shit out of their asses that they scared their player's shit out of their asses and forced them to go to that filthy game called Town Of Salem. The game takes place in a courtroom with a King and 15 or fewer other players around that king.

TLDR= Great Game, no players.

Also, the community is most 30-year-olds with no lives in their mother's basements but then again, Town Of Salem is basically all 10-year-olds wanting to say the n-word without getting clapped by parents :/
Son= S

M= "Hey S what are you doing? Are you playing Fortnite?"
S= "No M! I'm playing an educational game called Throne Of Lies! We learn things in history!"
M= "Oh ok, play as long as you want then!"

S proceeds to slaughter everyone with a Sorc bomb
S (in-game)= "GGWP easy clap you fucking BD sheep! No wonder they removed priest, without it BD is fucking trash!"
by ThatHurt November 5, 2019
A Social Deduction game that (similar to the group game mafia) has the goal of finding the killer. In late 2018 Town Of Salem had its server hacked and approx 7 million accounts were at risk of being stolen. Since Town Of Salem is available on Steam, people who bought it were at risk of losing their Steam account. It also was free until March of 2019 where Bot accounts swarmed the game and forced the creators to make it paid. Similar Social Deduction games are= Throne of Lies® The Online Game of Deceit, MINDNIGHT, Werewolf, Mafia Online
Person 1: "Did you hear of the new Town Of Salem update? They added 15 new roles!"
Person 2: "That was almost 3 years ago dude. Its paid DLC."
Person 1: "Oh."
by ThatHurt October 18, 2019
Someone who wins games by playing overpowered characters or cheap tactics then has the audacity to brag about it.

A similar term would be "Sore Winner".
Person 1 " I was playing Sion, ran it down and still won at 10 minutes in just destroying towers"
Person 2 "You're a winshitter bro"
by ThatHurt May 19, 2022