slang for a hoe, implying that she/he gets rode a lot.
Guy 1: Hey looks, here comes Sarah: the town bicycle

Guy 2: Why is she called "the town bicycle".

Guy 1: Because everyone gets a ride.
by Thotcrusader April 12, 2018
A person, usually female, with whom many people have had sex. Town bicycle being a metaphor with the implication that everybody gets a ride.
Use a condom, dude, that girl's the town bicycle.

See also: That woman has seen more pricks than the receptionist at a hedgehog nymphomania clinic.
by Kyran Wolfe June 30, 2013
a chick who gets ridden (fucked) by everyone
i thought mel was innocent, but since shes fucked 420 dudes in the last 3 months, shes the town bicycle for sure!
by town bicycle victim January 18, 2011
A girl named Sakara Byroads known for her easy sex and sloppy blowjobs. She's accessible to anyone with reproductive parts.
Wilson: Hey look it's the town bicycle!

Mark: You mean Sakara?
by Town Bicycle rider #12 February 10, 2014
A term refering to a woman who sleeps around alot
Hey isn’t Tiffany thicc

Yeah but I heard she was the town bicycle
by Thejumacatedscholar February 28, 2019
a person (either gay male or straight female), who is open to having sex with anyone that wants it, not refusing anybody the pleasure even if it's not a pleasurable experience. the town bicycle is notorious for having STD's such as crabs, VD or worse.
"well if you're desperate for a shag there's always Sandy/Tim, they're the town bicycle, but i'd make sure you wore a condom as they've had most other towns in the area as well as this one!"
by Dina Sparrow February 3, 2006