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A fat low life doush bag who could not make it as a state cop so instead acts all heard by nabbing skate boards from local skaters and messing with middle school kids. Usually comes in groups of five. On some common days the typical town cop will nab weed from a wankster and start blzing it up.
Town cop - what ya doing?

Skater - Oh Im just having a good time skating. Not causing any harm.

Town cop - This is private property.

Skater - But the clerk said I could skate here.

Town Cop - Give me the fuckin skate board. ( Steps on it and breaks it in half )

Skater - What the fuck.

Town Cop - Im gonna let you go this time, and every other time I do this because I dont want to lose my badge.
by Timmmmmaaayyy January 25, 2009
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