1. Someone who rubs you the wrong way
2. Someone you hate.
3. To be someone's bitch or pussy whipped
1. Dude, that TOWEL from last night is walkin' over here.
2. I don't even wanna see that TOWEL right now.
3. Stop being a TOWEL and sand up to her.
by Srivis Koonthanam June 29, 2009
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A verb meaning to place a towel under the door to prevent cold air from coming in the room. Other uses include preventing the smell of illegal drugs from entering the dorm hallway.
"Hey Jimmy, can u towel the door, I'm going to light up a swell joint."
"I toweled the door to prevent Officer Rizzo from smelling my incense."
by jprizz February 18, 2008
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An individual (mainly male) that exemplifies all of the qualities of an annoying, suck-upping, over-the-top, loser and menace to society that can only be dealt with by repetitively calling that person a towel. Often associated with the name, Drew.
by thatain'tright February 07, 2011
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Towel (n.) Named after the worst character ever created on South Park, “towel” refers to a person who is perpetually strung out on a certain prohibited substance whose active ingredient is THC. Said person is also uncooperative and enjoys spewing racial epithets and homophobic slurs. Synonymous with a female cleaning product.
Man, that guy is totally a towel.

"Yo, dudebroski, wanna go check out some chicks at the club?"
"Aw hell naw, man, don't be a towel."
"Yo, who you calling a towel, you tool?"
... (Continue on with more insults)
by gushing grannies September 24, 2013
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Something to wipe or cover yo booty around.
Also hides them big ass bums and bouncy tits.


Although better without the towel on.
Wife : Honey, have you seen my towel ? My butt is getting cold !
Husband : I like you better without the towel, heh.
Wife : Ohhh(;
Wife : -Smack-
Husband : -Pwned-
by YesNolol4832859 April 08, 2009
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