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A phrase, that also doubles as a hashtag, is often used by wannabe musicians who buy their way onto a larger band's tour because they don't have any real fans of their own, besides the thirty friends and family who like their social media posts. "Tour Life" is also used by talentless girls who seek out and date well known musicians and take over their band so they can push their own celebrity agenda.
Bob: "Did you see that douche Andy from the band "Butt" spent his inheritance money to buy onto that huge MegaLife concert?"
John: "Yeah, and he posted sweaty pics of himself standing in front of MegaLife's crowd and used the hashtag #TourLife to show how big of a rockstar he thinks he is.

Bill: "Kristine's boyfriend's band 'EnergyGuy4000' isn't allowed to tour without her band 'Elbow Hi Rat' as the opener. And since they always follow her rules and do what she says, she makes sure to take a tired pic of herself on their tour bus and captions it with "Tour Life" to show how hard she worked for her place in the industry.

Tom: "So that's how she does it."
by dwerner June 02, 2018
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