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Also "Torilla tavataan!" is a finnish phrase used whenever Finland is mentioned outside its borders in any form. The sentence is translated as "Let's meet at the Market Square" which is a place in Helsinki (Finland's capital city) where Finns celebrate any sport related success of their naitional team, pretty much only of the ice hockey one.

Amongst Finns the phrase is usually used in sarcastic way, as Finland apparently craves for international recognition and attention.
(in finnish)
- "Hey, there is an article about finnish baseball in New York Times!"
- "OMG, Torille!"
by InfernoCanto June 23, 2016
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Means "to the market square".

Phrase which can be seen when someone foreign mentions Finland or something related to it. Or when Finnish person/group succeed internationally.

Finns are very proud of their country and its achievements but don't like to draw attention so it's common to write "torille" so only the Finnish people can understand your meaning.

Stem from 1995 when Finland won The Ice Hockey World Championships and everyone gathered to the market square to celebrate it. Same happened in 2011 and 2006 when Lordi won the Eurovision Song Contest.
Youtuber : "I used to have the Nokia 3310 and it was one hell of a phone!"

Guaranteed comment : "torille!"
by sofikqq May 17, 2019
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