i swear this dude maybe ugly right now but i swear he will get a glow up that will change the world i swear every Torang i ever meet is a handsome dude, 6 pack,strong,super nice ,athletic.he can literally get steal yo girl in a blink of an eye hes more nicer than your own god dam bff can u belive it well i cant
Emily:Torang please dont pay for my food again
by Angelica <3 October 18, 2021
David used Torange as a word that rhymes with orange.
by Cpgcombs June 14, 2017
While hiking, I told my friend to kick rocks and he took it literally and ended up with a Torange.
by Johnica February 1, 2023
A shade or hue of the color orange that Donald J. Trump uses as facial make up. It is "liberally" applied to the face and neck to give the appearance of a robust. younger, photogenic alpha male.
Trump's torange complexion makes him looks fake and superficial especially in situations when he is on-camera.
by Dr. Rob/Bob October 28, 2020
the state in which two people are comfortable with eachother's company where they can talk about literally anything, for example, bananas
the couple was in a state of torange
by a word to describe life June 11, 2016